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Love Poems

A Crooked Love Story
by Xiara

Who really knows
Exactly what love is.
Some people search their entire lives waiting for it
For others they find it early.

And for some people, the love has a way of finding them…

Some people will try to convince you
That when you first talk to your one true love
You’re heart will skip a beat
And you’ll think to yourself,

“I want to spend forever with this person.”

But, I disagree
Mostly due to the fact that
The first time I talked to him, I thought to myself
“Wow, what a strange person!”

And yet, I came to love him still.

They say that when you first see your true love
You’ll know right then and there
That there’s something about that person
But they never mention you might just flat out

Ignore them.

I never really noticed him at all until months after he came
And he may have noticed me before
But we never talked.
And when I met him and got to know him a bit, I thought

“Gosh, he bothers me.”

No, not “What an amazing guy”
Not, “Oh man, he’s so sweet!”
More along the lines of
“I’ve never met someone with a cruder sense of humor

in my life.”

Then what was it exactly?
What drew me to talk to him
Like those bright lights draw in moths
On a dark night?

To this day I don’t know.

He argued with me a lot,
He teased all the time,
And never hesitated to say,
When I brought up something I liked,

To say it sucked.

And yet
The more he teased, spoke his mind
And argued
The more I seemed to

Like him.

So despite it all, over the years
We became friends
The best of friends
And we could talk, tease and argue

For hours on end.

We’d argue over things,
Serious things like politics,
And rather stupid things
Such as the color of a shirt,

Red or pink.

And it was weird
The way the more we argued
The more we laughed.
And I think it was then

That we started to grow on each other.

And the more we grew on each other
And the more we hung out,
It was weird,
Like if the insults transformed
Into compliments.

Instead of
“Yeah, you look pretty bad” with a smirk,
He would say
“I dunno, I always thought

you were pretty,” with a blush.

We would still tease
Don’t get me wrong
But things were getting a little different
Between the two of us, and I must say

I loved it.

I loved the way
He’d take a pass down to go to the bathroom
Just so could he could walk by my class,
Peek through the window, catch my eye,

And wave.

I loved the way
He would try to act serious
For just a little while
And make it 14 seconds

Before we both cracked up.

I loved the way
That even when we were arguing
About something stupid,
When I looked in his eyes I couldn’t help

But laugh.

I loved the way
That whenever I looked sad
He’d say, “What’s wrong?
You look like your puppy just died.”

Even though he knows I don’t have a dog.

And when I’d reply with a simple shrug
And the usual,
“I’m fine, really.”
He’d accuse me of being a liar and give me a nice gentle hug

and a shoulder to cry on.

Then how
After everything we’d been through,
The good times
And the bad…

How could I have been so blind?

Why did it surprise me so much
When he said he loved me?
Was it because he knew
I was seeing someone else

But told me anyway?

And how
After all the laughs
And after every time
He comforted me while I was sad…

How could I have been so stupid?

What in me made me do the one thing
I never would dreamed of doing
When faced with this situation
As opposed to so many other things I could’ve done…

Why did I just ignore it?

And it is beyond me
How after how much I knew
He cared
And how much he loved me,

How could I have been such a fool?

How could I have possibly
Have just sat there
With my mouth open like an idiot,
When he asked me out

And said nothing?
Was it because he got his friend to ask me for him
And that for as long as I knew him
When he had something to say
He just came right out

And said it?

No, I couldn’t have been
Surprised at such a small thing
Such as that,
So much so that I wouldn’t just go ahead

And say yes.

Was it because
I truly didn’t know
What I wanted to say,
Or that I knew what I wanted to say

But didn’t want to hurt him?

Of bloody course not
I knew exactly what I wanted to say.
I had dreamt about it
Over and over

And I was just waiting for him to ask for so long.

Whatever evil force possessed me at that moment
It took my voice away
And I could just stare,

While I was needed elsewhere.

So I never got to say anything.
Despite how much I knew what I wanted to say.
And my dumbfounded silence got misinterpreted
Into a plain and simple


So here I am now.
I realize now I don’t even care about
Going out
Or any of those other
Silly things.

All I want to do now
Is see him again.
Hear his voice,
Quietly letting me know

That if anything we could just be friends again.

That’s all I want.
I don’t even care if it’s just friends,
Best friends,
Or something more.

I just want to laugh with him once more. 

But right now at this very moment
He is at his house on the other side of the neighborhood
Sad and crippled
Because some stupid girl

Broke his heart,

And right now, at this very moment
A stupid girl is sitting at her home
Writing poems about him.
About how a great thing was destroyed

By a simple misunderstanding.

She wrote odd poems.
Poems that don’t rhyme.
And have weird words you normally wouldn’t find
In a love poem. Alas, her poems

Were very crooked.

Crooked like the love between her and a friend
That was so unlike love is “supposed” to look
But was love none the less.
And if there was ever any way of knowing if it really was love,

It was because of how bad it felt.

It was the way that
When his heart broke
Hers did too.
Because their hearts were one.

But their love was strong.

And after it all
She knew she loved him.
And he loved her back
And yet here we have

Two broken hearts.

But sometimes
When love is strong enough
It can be the only thing
In the entire world

That can mend a broken heart.

Notes From The Author:
For Matt
No matter what, I'll always love you.

heartbreak broken heart mend crooked friends friendship love story a

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