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Love Poems

by romanticpoet

I'm sorry for the things I say that make you mad,cry and sometimes break your heart. I'm sorry for the things I do that make you feel like I don't love you,care about you and cause you pain. I'm sorry for the times that I have broken your heart,made tear drops fall down your cheeks and for being so cold,selfish and unkind to you. I'm sorry for how bad I hurt your feelings that make you feel unloved and alone feeling afraid to love and trust again. I'm sorry for not loving you the way you love me and for not caring for you as you care for me. I'm sorry for the tears,pain,heartache and sadness that I have brought to your life. I'm sorry for not loving you with all my heart and soul completely,fully and truly. I'm sorry for times I make you cry yourself to sleep at night or feel like you can't sleep cause of all the times I have hurt you. I'm sorry for not treating you the right way like a lady or a princess which is the way you deserve to be treated with love,respect and kindness. I'm sorry for not ever sending you flowers,writing you a lover letter or a love poem. I wish I could turn back the hands of time to all the times I have hurt you,made you cry and broke your heart to make things right to show you that I love you more then anything in the world and that you are the most important,special and only person means everything to me cause your my whole world and everything in it. I would get down on my hands and knees and ask if you would please forgive me for all those times I hurt you,made you cry,cause you pain and broke your heart cause I will never ever forgive myself for all those times until you can give me a chance to mend your heart and make your heart whole again knowing that I never forgot you,didn't ever think about you,never stopped loving you,caring about you and that you have place inside my heart. My feelings for you never changed cause my feelings for you run deep like a river to the sea from my heart to my soul. I mean everything I say from the bottom of my heart and the deeps of my soul cause my heart would feel incomplete and my soul would feel empty until I have your forgiveness so I truly and honestly hope you can forgive me and give me another chance to love you cause loving you makes me a better man.


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